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Invisalign Is Better Than Mail-Order Clear Aligners — Learn Why

July 21, 2023

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Hand taking Invisalign aligner from storage case

Are you thinking about straightening your teeth? You might be interested in clear aligners because they feature a subtle appearance and other attractive features. But since there are quite a few different clear aligner systems on the market today, you might be struggling to decide which one is right for you. This blog post is designed to help. It explains a few reasons why Invisalign is better than mail-order clear aligners.


How Can You Protect Your Lips from the Sun?

June 25, 2023

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Woman standing outdoors, applying lip balm

Many places are experiencing record-breaking heat this summer. As temperatures rise, you might hear frequent reminders about how you can avoid getting sunburnt. Sadly, though, the lips are often overlooked when it comes to sun protection. How exactly can you protect your lips from the sun, and why is doing so of vital importance? Read this blog post to find out.


Enjoy All of Your Favorite Summer Foods with Dental Implants!

June 15, 2023

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Tasty summer foods cooking on grill

If you used traditional dentures in the past, you might remember feeling left out as your family ate a variety of mouthwatering dishes at summer social events. You, on the other hand, had to stick to a modified diet due to your prosthetic teeth. Now that you have dental implants, though, things are different. In fact, you should be able to enjoy all of your favorite summer foods. What makes dental implants so reliable, and how can you protect them while you are consuming a rich variety of meals and snacks? Read this blog post to find practical information.


Veneers Are the Key to a Beach-Ready Smile

May 4, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — santaviccadental @ 5:14 pm
Woman on beach, smiling and enjoying the sun

When most people think of getting ready for the beach, things like swimwear and sunblock are the first things that come to mind. But your smile should also be ready for the occasion, especially since you will probably take some photos while you are enjoying your coastal getaway. How can you achieve a beach-ready smile? Consider talking to your dentist about veneers.


Root Canals vs. Tooth Extractions: Comparing Your Options

April 7, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — santaviccadental @ 3:36 pm
Digital representation of tooth floating about dentist’s hand

If you have an infected tooth, you may be eager to consent to any treatment that will end your pain. But what if you have two options for how to address the situation? Your dentist might inform you that you are a candidate for either an extraction or root canal therapy. Is one better than the other? This blog post provides a brief overview of root canals vs. tooth extractions.


A Simple Guide to Eating after Wisdom Tooth Extractions

March 5, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — santaviccadental @ 6:21 pm
Scrambled eggs in frying pan

Some people can retain their wisdom teeth for a lifetime without adverse consequences. In most cases, though, it is important to remove the third molars so they do not cause serious oral health problems. Are you soon going to get your wisdom teeth extracted? This simple guide to eating after your surgery will help you to enjoy a smooth and complication-free recovery.


A Parent’s Guide to Childhood Tooth Extractions

February 28, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — santaviccadental @ 12:08 pm
Smiling boy holding his extracted tooth

Losing teeth is a universal childhood experience. In fact, many parents and little ones alike are excited when a tooth comes out. However, the experience can be drastically different if your family dentist recommends that one of your child’s teeth be extracted before it even begins to feel loose. What are some reasons for childhood tooth extractions? What steps can you take to make the procedure easier for your young one? This blog post provides some practical information.


Is It Safe to Fly after a Tooth Extraction?

January 23, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — santaviccadental @ 2:30 pm
Woman with suitcase walking through airport

Dental problems can pop up at any time, leading to the need for one or more emergency tooth extractions. Such situations are always inconvenient, but they may be especially bothersome if you are getting ready to leave on a trip. Is it safe to fly after a tooth extraction, or should you attempt to rearrange your travel schedule? This blog post discusses what you should know before boarding a plane.


5 Reasons Why You Will Not Regret Getting Root Canal Treatment 

December 18, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — santaviccadental @ 2:50 pm
Dental patient reclining in treatment chair, smiling

If your dentist urges you to undergo root canal treatment, you might be reluctant to consent to the procedure at first. After all, it has an unsavory reputation. But did you know that in the vast majority of cases, it is a successful service that supports long-term oral health? Most patients who undergo a root canal are happy that they did so. In fact, one study found that an overwhelming 87% of people had no regrets about committing to the procedure!

Why can you commit to a root canal with confidence? Read this blog post to find out.


Is Root Canal Therapy Expensive?

November 30, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — santaviccadental @ 10:26 pm
Using calculator to figure root canal cost in Lebanon

Root canal therapy is an excellent restorative treatment. However, many people hesitate to commit to it. For many of them, they are concerned about their family’s budget. What does a root canal cost in Lebanon? Is this procedure a smart use of funds? Read on below to discover the answers.

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